Our Franchise

Grill Masters has emerged as one of the fastest growing fast-food chains in India. Within a short span of less than 7 years, we have opened and consulted over 40+ food restaurants across many states and still continue to do so. We understand the value of your hard earned money and we put every effort to multiply it. Grill Masters has produced one success story after another, and that’s why many of our clients have multiple outlets with us. We have always believed in imparting knowledge as the saying goes- “Knowledge expands when shared”.

Our Franchise Philosophy

At Grill Masters, we believe that if one can do it, everyone can do it. Our team has worked extremely hard to create a system for Grill Masters that can be easily scaled and replicated across the nation. We have addressed all the areas of this business model – site selection, supply chain, cost control, build-out timing, marketing and standard operating procedures to ensure quality at every outlet. Our goal is to expand throughout the country by teaming with passionate partners who share in our mission to establish Grill Masters as the most convenient destination for tasty meals and snacks, served quickly while maintaining the highest quality of service and presentation. We have a complete training program which includes all the areas of running a restaurant successfully. We have separate training programs for employees, managers and restaurant owners. It is the effort we put in our training programs, which makes the way for a brighter future.

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